Bjørsvik walk the Appian way – led on by a Swede

The Siddis brass contest will feature Mr. Andreas Hanson for the first time as MD for Bjørsvik brass – the band that consists mainly of people gathered from Eikanger-Bjørsvik’s geriatric department.


The Swede and the West Norwegians are in tune.
– It’s a genuine thrill to get to conduct this band, Hanson says.
– So much experience in one room. “Golden oldies” are playing “golden oldies”, he adds, smiling after another rehearsal past bedtime, just a week before before Siddis.

Due to the musicians’ busy schedules, and due to the fact that the band does not own their own percussion or rehearsal room, the band rehearses when nobody else does, usually late at night on Sundays.

But they are more than happy to. Most members played in Eikanger during the 80’s, 90’ or 00’s. When it’s Siddis time, it’s showtime.

– We have an old saying in Norway: When the circus horse smells sawdust, it gets excited. We are the old circus horses, soprano player Frode Rydland says.

– Hanson is the right conductor at this point of time, Tormod Flaten, the solo euphonium player and board member, says.
– We like to play music that not that many bands play anymore. Hanson understands our mission on the musical stage, Flaten says.

At Siddis, Grethe Tonheim will have her debut with the band. The trombone player is put in high regard throughout the band, and she will play “The Moon’s a harsh mistress”, made immortal by the amazing Norwegian jazz singer Radka Toneff, arranged by Reid Gilje. Bjørsvik will start off with “Le Carnaval Romain” by Hector Berlioz, in the classic arrangement by Frank Wright. They head off to Argentina to play “La Muerte del Angel” by Astor Piazzola, arranged by the band’s principal Svein Henrik Giske. To end it all: 4th movement from “Pines of Rome”, Ottorino Respighi, arranged by the band’s friend and mentor Howard Snell.

Saturday, 5th December 2016, Stavanger Concert Hall.

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